Message Smuggler

Message Smuggler 2.2

Message Smuggler helps us send password-protected messages hidden into pictures (See all)

Message Smuggler is an encryption utility for Windows. This application has been designed to help us send hidden messages in a picture, knowing that no one will ever think that there is a message into it. And even if they know there is such a message and want to learn what it is, they have to enter the same password that we entered when we created that specific message. This program makes it possible to send a picture that looks like the original one, with a secret message into it to friends, partners, lovers, etc., via e-mail or any other transfer method. This tool is very easy-to-use. First, we should select to open an image locally. Next, we type (or copy-paste) the message, that we want to include in that image (the text can be of any length). Then, we click on the "store message" button and a window will be opened for us to enter any password that came to our mind. Last, we store the image with a new name. We should let the person receiving that picture know the password, so that he/she can read the hidden message. We can evaluate the trial version of this program free of charge for 30 times. Also the trial version has its limitations: an output image file will have a modified picture with visible warning notice, including the message and the password of the message.

Review summary


  • Easy-to-use


  • Nag screen in the trial version
  • No uninstall option
  • Vista is not supported yet
  • Not a cheap tool
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